The Arabic word Islam has two meanings: surrendering and peace. I can see a close connection between the two meanings. As a Muslim I surrender myself to the will of Allah subahanahu ta’la’ . This is exemplified in our sijdah (prostration) in prayer. PhysicallySIJDAH THE ESSENCE OF ISLAM. I reduce myself to the lowest of the low. A special characteristic of human beings is that we stand and walk erect on our feet on the earth. Four-legged animals walk in a horizontal position. In prayer, I stand in the position of human beings. Then in ruku I go to a horizontal position like that of animals. Then in sijdah with a five-point touch of my body to ground I reduce myself to the level of dust and ashes. Then I say to Allah, “I have no significance, no choice and no volition of my own. May Your Will be done. Please take care of me ” It is in this state of my mind that I am supposed to experience a mini miraj. This I think is the very essence of Islam: surrendering.