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mrabbProbashi Bangladeshis is a non-profit organization belonging to Dr. Abdur Rabb. Originally from Barisal, Dr. Rabb was a professor of Philosophy and Psychology at the University of Dhaka for five years from 1958 to 1963. In 1963 he came to Canada where he studied and taught Islamic Philosophy, Theology and Sufism for more than forty years. A specialist in Sufism, he also tries to live according to the Sufi way of life under the guidance of the great Sufi Shaykh Fadhlalla Haeri of South Africa.

Having retired in 2001, Dr. Rabb and his wife Aishah live in Montreal, Canada. They devote a great deal of their time, energy, and resources to community and charitable work in Canada and Bangladesh. Dr. Rabb also writes and delivers public lectures specially on the need for self-purification, Islam as a religion of moderation, and the necessity of making adjustments in the teaching of Islam in some of its details, not in fundementals, to make Islam more relevantĀ and attractive to the young Muslims in the west.

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